友生日不知道要去哪裡慶祝嗎?那就下載TABLE APP剛推出的Birthday Dining App吧!這應用程序不僅是一個Reminder,提醒你朋友幾時生日,同時也讓你知道城中各個慶生的好地點和特別優惠。選擇好要去哪里後,直接預訂就可以了,非常方便噢!
TABLEAPP Birthday Dining App just released few days ago, follow this guide would help you get more familiar with how to grab deals for your birthday party :P
Step 1: Import your friend list
To import your facebook friend list to our app. Firstly, you can do it on the introduction page when you just installed and open the app for the first time (Refer to image on the left). If you missed out on this, don't worry you could still import your facebook friends here on the third tab with a human icon(Refer to image on the right).
After importing your Facebook friend list, your available upcoming friends birthday will now appear on the Birthday Dining App.

Step 2: Find out birthday deals
You can now browse through all restaurants which offers birthday deals but before that you need to fill in some details for the search. Details such as date,time, for how many person, and area. After selecting all your preferred criteria, click the search button and we will list out all the restaurants which match with your search criteria.
By clicking on each of the restaurant, you get to see the details of the specific restaurant. Restaurant details such as address, dress code, cuisine, operating hours and also a more detailed promotion information.

Step 3: Make reservation
Finally when you finally decided on which restaurant to dine in. You can simply just make your reservation by clicking on the Make Reservation button. It will bring you to another page where you need to fill in your personal details such as name, email and phone number needed for reservation purposes. If you have some special request from the restaurant, you can fill it in as well. After you are done filling in your details, click on the make reservation button and your reservation will be completed.

Download the apps
or, you could go to TABLEAPP online reservation to make the reservation.

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